about us

LWT3 is an innovative company made up of experts with years of experience in the acquisition, management, analysis and understanding of data and performance.

We at the Data Driven Performance Lab are strong supporters of cross-contamination and we are convinced that only transversal experiences and know-how can bring innovation and new points of view, in the world of sport and more generally of human-performance.

We are the ideal partner for all those who are looking for innovative solutions for maximizing performance.


Our team is composed by Engineers, Physiologists, Coaches, Data Scientists and UX / UI Experts

Paolo Belluco

Ing. Paolo Belluco, PhD
CEO – Head R&D

CEO and responsible for the scientific platform.

He received, both at Politecnico di Milano, the M.Sc. in Computer Science Engineering, focusing on A.I. and Robotics applications, and the doctoral degree (Ph.D.) in the field of design and development of human-machine interfaces based on biosignals and biometric sensors for medical and industrial application. He has published papers in peer-reviewed international journals and conferences. His work has focused on the development of hardware and software tools for the acquisition and processing of data relating to biological signals. He was teaching assistant at Politecnico di Milano for the courses of “Robotics” and “Fundamentals of Computer Science”.

He was awarded the 2014 Alumni Polimi Awards from Politecnico di Milano for his entrepreneurship. He also was technology advisor to Deputy Mayor for Digital Transformation and Citizens Services at Municipality of Milano, focusing on 5G experimentation in Milan and data management issues.

He is a member of IEEE.

Samuele Polistina
Product and UI/UX Designer

Samuele Polistina is the account of the design and development of the UX/UI for the data visualization at LWT3.

He received the M.Sc. degree in Industrial Design at Politecnico di Milano. He has more than +15 years of experience in the field of human computer interaction, focusing on user experience and user interface design and interaction design. He has been involved in the national research project MIUR-FIRB-2007 PROGIMM, carrying out research activities in the fields of Virtual Prototyping and Interaction Design. As fellow researcher at Politecnico di Milano (2007-2012), he has international peer-reviewed publications on HCI field.

Matteo Torre
Human Performance Analysis​

With an education in statistical analysis applied to economic, social and political systems, he joined Ferrari SpA in 2004 where he had the opportunity to work in the racing and road car areas. He ends his experience in Maranello in 2015 in the role of Worldwide Head of Product Communication to devote himself to endurance sport,

He directed his interest at Human Performance Analysis, integrating in this filed the experience acquired alongside the designers and testers of high performance vehicles, with the role of disseminator of technical content to the public outside the organization. He integrates his statistical training at the Postgraduate School in Multivariate Analysis and Experimental Design at the University of Genoa.

Technical Coordinator (III Level) Italian Triathlon Federation, since 2019 he is part of the Staff of the National Team in the role of Data Analyst – Paratriathlon. With the same Analyst functions, he supports other Federal Technicians in the management of Elite and Age Group athletes. For FITRI he is a trainer in the context of continuous performance monitoring.

Luca Zenti
Data Science Physiology - Test manager

Sport Scientist involved in the area of sport physiology and biomechanics in both research and field contexts.

He collaborates with the LWT3 srl as a Test Manager of the LAB providing data interpretation and test protocols setting. He received the M.Sc. in Sport Performance at the Verona University defending a research thesis developed at KU LEUVEN (Belgium) regarding a novel approach to determine the lactate threshold based on a mathematical model. He participates in several research projects about sport physiology and biomechanics specifically related with endurance sports. The research period in Belgium was mainly focused in the field of the human metabolism and testing protocols in high level cycling.

He was an assistant teaching for the courses of training methodology and biomechanics at the Verona University. He participates in national scientific congress as a speaker, presenting research projects related with the cycling pedal mechanics. He is actually a coach for the Paratriathlon Italian National team. He works as a coach with some professional athletes (mainly cyclist and triathlete) and even with recreational athletes.