We want to be privileged partners of athletes, teams and federations who consider a scientific and analytical approach to improve performance as essential.

Functional Assessment

Data Analysis

Testing lab/on-field


Interactive Dashboard

Continuous Monitoring and Data Analysis

Select goals and KPI

Data Driven Methodology preparation

 Data Driven Planning and Protocols

Knowledge-base and ad hoc Reporting Management


Training programming

Collecting Feedback and Feelings

Remodeling of the plan in progress

Data Analysis

Race Strategy Preparation

CONSULTING - sport industry

Collaborations and consulting services for sport industries, tester, magazines and other professional such as: physicians, physiotherapists, coaches and personal trainers.


Test on-site/on-field

Data Driven Training

On-demand data analysis

Database management

Sport Industry

Interaction test between product and user on-site/on-field

Equipment and operators rental

Support for assessment and comparison of equipment 

On-demand data analysis

Wellness Corporate

Analysis model based on the fusion between biometric data and company KPIs

Creation of a Corporate Wellness program and Group Workout

Self-motivation to new Functional Habits

Strengthening of Corporate Culture


LWT3 has a strong experience of sensor developing and data acquisition and fusion from physical data source. Furthermore, we have a great experience about the design and development of biosensors.

Our team and the LWT3 Prototyping Workshop are available for the creation of ad hoc hardware and software solutions and assessments.

R&D Services

Sensor and device procurement and testing
Rapid Prototyping solutions
Design and developing of ad hoc device