Data Driven methodology

To improve performance, it is necessary to understand the correlations between the different physiological and biomechanical characteristics of the athlete and the interaction with the environment, equipment and devices.

Thanks to a multidisciplinary approach, high-end data acquisition devices and the ability to analyze and make the information obtained understandable, we can achieve the desired results.

Data Driven performance LAB

In our laboratories we use sensors and instrumentation for data acquisition: for kinematic and dynamic analysis of movement (biomechanics), physiological and metabolic. We process and visualize the data collected through our analysis platform based on specific algorithms and machine learning techniques and on proprietary data sets.

Our laboratory can also work outdoors. Therefore, with the possibility of following the athlete/user in an external environment, structured or not, both in presence and remotely.

Our "Key-point"
  • Rigorous data acquisition methodology
  • Ability to analyze and understand performance
  • Management of data and information produced
  • Team with transversal skills
  • R & D oriented
  • Collaborations with research institutions
Adoption of anti-CoVID-19 measures

We are keeping our services operational. Our laboratory is completely sanitized with each use. Our technicians are always equipped with all the necessary PPE. We always operate according to the latest regulations in force.

lwt3 Prototyping workshop

LWT3 is able to design and develop prototypes within its own structure.

The Prototyping Workshop is able to support different users who need ad hoc solutions not available on the market, both for hardware and software components.